I haven’t been so great of keeping up with this blog lately. So I will give the readers an overview of my past couple weeks in Sydney. Besides with being busy with classes, group projects, and endless amounts of papers I have had heaps of fun. There is a group of about 20 of us exchange students who all get together weekly and have a dinner. It has been sort of like a family in a way – we always keep the group updated with plans throughout the week/weekend. I have managed to make myself go to the beach as much as I can. Now that my semester is more than half way over, I am trying to take advantage of the Australian beaches – because let’s face it the beaches of Lake Erie are not even comparable whatsoever.


typical Friday evening at Bondi


a stroll through our campus


alley way by the Ivy Night Club

With our sports class, we attended Greyhound racing which was entertaining and exciting. We were also allowed to place bets on the dogs racing during this event. Our professor gave me money to make bets on a dog – but unfortunately I was unlucky and lost him money. Still, have yet to go to an AFL game – on my list of things to do before I leave.


A couple weeks ago, my friend Zoe approached me the idea of making a trip to Jervis Bay which is four hours south of Sydney. And, with school assignments due that weekend I just took the chance and went on the spontaneous road trip. Martita, Laura, and Kelly joined us as well. We rented a car through another backpacker car rental company and I can cross “driving on the other side of the road” off my list. Martita was the site seeing expert on this trip. We drove to a couple of lookout points, to the Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong (largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere), the Kiama blow hole, and finally to Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay was stunning in spite of the cold and cloudy weather we had. I took some of my favorite pictures in Australia at Jervis Bay. Since it was only about 4PM after that, we were trying to figure out our plans for the rest of the night. What we found out about Jervis Bay was that they do not have much accommodation options for someone on a uni student’s budget and that everything was booked for the Anzac Day weekend. We were offered a waitress’ couch to sleep on, but we made the decision to sleep in our tiny little Fiat. We drove to a campsite and just talked and hung out until we all passed out. After about 2 hours of sleep, we made our way back to Sydney. This was one of my favorite memories in Australia because it was so spontaneous. I had so much fun with Zoe, Kelly, Laura, and Martita and it was fun to get out of Sydney for the weekend. But, I will never sleep in a Fiat ever again.

Anzac Day is a lot like our Memorial Day in the US. It is a holiday that recognizes the armed forces of New Zealand and Australia during World War II. I spent Anzac Day with the touch footy team that I joined. In case if you did not know football can mean three different sports in Australia. This “footy” is rugby – very fun sport to pick up and play. And like Americans on Memorial Day, Australians know how to celebrate their country’s holidays.


I have also found a great route to run at in Sydney through Bicentennial Park along the Rozelle Bay which overlooks the Anzac Bridge. It has been one of my favorite runs that I have done and it is a great way for me to clear my head. But, otherwise these past couple of weeks have flown by and I can’t believe the semester is coming to an end. I am behind on some of my blog posts because I’ve been trying to fit as many activities in before I leave – so bear with me (;



Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Darling Harbour Fireworks that are every Saturday Night



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  1. kzyla27 · May 10, 2016

    Daaaaang girl you’re really getting it all in! I especially love the sleepin in the fiat- you’ll look back on that like so many things I look back on 10 years later and be happy you did it. Your sunset pics and te fireworks pic are my favorite. Xoxox

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